Developing a media service for wales

What will a new welsh media look like?

The Welsh print media is dominated by brands that continually fail to offer a Welsh perspective, and those brands the purport to represent Wales are in fact subsidiaries of London based media corporations. The Daily Mail and the Sun are the two most popular papers in Wales. And whilst print journalism is in decline it is still a vital component of the media provided in Wales. TV and radio news are dominated in Wales by the BBC and Sky. Our TV and radio news are British first in the most part. Whilst having an overview of news from the UK is important many now feel we need a Wales first approach, especially when discussing devolved matters such as health, education and the economy. Digital is becoming increasingly important as more and more people, old and young turn to the digital world. Not just the Web but through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For many these are now their first and only port of call for news and information that help shape their views. It is clear that the old model of print and website is broken, a new business model needs to be developed, one that has the Welsh audience at its heart. And most importantly one that can survive and thrive on a commercial basis. The first step is to research and develop a business plan, one that offers investors, large and small, the confidence to support a new independent Welsh media service. Independent, unbiased and honest. One that informs the people of Wales, enabling them learn about and to understand what's happening in Wales and beyond from a Welsh perspective.

Would you like to invest in the development of a new independent Welsh media service?

our objectives

News about Wales from a Welsh perspective

We want to provide fact based news and information. Explaining what impacts on the day to day lives of the residents of Wales in simple language that can be understood by all. We want to change the way news is presented, offering different presentation styles based on the audience and the platforms they engage with. Better informed citizens can make decisions confident in the fact they understand better what is happening in Wales today.

Who is running the project?

Huw Marshall is the former head of digital at S4C and now works as a digital media strategist and consultant. He has an in depth knowledge and understanding of the UK and Wales media landscapes and has developed a comprehensive network of connections within the traditional media industry as well the emerging technologies sector.

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