A new independent Welsh media service

What should a new independent media service for Wales look like?

Different people have different views and opinions of what media services should offer and have markedly different ways of interacting with Media in 2018, these will continue to evolve through 2019 and beyond.

Ask yourself how you keep yourself informed with regards matters that affect your day to day lives in Wales? Do you rely on social media? Do you read newspapers on a regular basis? Does your TV and radio news come through a national, UK, prism? Your age, employment status and geographic location could all have a bearing on your current world view.

What is clear our sources for news and information are changing and evolving rapidly.

So what should a new independent media service for Wales look like? Well that’s why we’re raising funds, it will allow us to investigate on your behalf, look at existing models, assess their commercial viability, consider new methods of creating video and audio content, using data and technology to verify and fact check.

One thing is for sure, a new media service has to:

  1. Be independent
  2. Be politically neutral and be willing to challenge all political parties on policy
  3. Use data and fact checking to ensure accuracy and neutrality
  4. Be available in relevant formats on relevant platforms
  5. Be commercially viable

Researching the market and developing alternative business models will be the first stage, stage two will involve in depth market research, look at advertising platforms and technology solutions culminating in a conference to discuss the findings and interrogate the business plans developed in stage one. Stage three will look at company formation and the best structures to enable the creation of a commercial entity.

We are estimating at least £4000 will be needed to complete stage two.

How will the money be spent? Time, funds will allow for the above work to be conducted during January and February, paying for time and helping to provide travel expenses as well as for the technical costs of running and developing a website and communicating with you who are funding this project.

You will receive weekly updates and we will be completely transparent.

If you would like to donate you can do so here

Thanks for your support, we sincerely hope this project can succeed.

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