New News

The definition and our consumption of news is constantly changing and evolving, we are becoming increasingly reliant on third parties and our practice of sharing news and information, from various sometimes unverified sources, increase. Society’s trust in established news outlets is waning, many news outlets are now platforms for expressing an owners political point of Read more about New News[…]

Developing the business plan and our editorial policy

In creating a new Welsh media service we are setting up a new business. To succeed we will need customers in sufficient numbers that will be, potentially, willing to pay for parts of our output as well as engaging with our content in sufficient numbers to attract advertisers and sponsors. There are countless examples of Read more about Developing the business plan and our editorial policy[…]


Our crowdfunding campaign came to an end this morning, and after 28 days a total of £6,254 has been pledged by 199 individuals. Now the work starts in earnest. The original target was £2,000: to enable the research and preparation of a business plan which could be used to seek investment for new Welsh media Read more about Diolch[…]

Developing a business case for a new Welsh Media Service

For any new media venture to be successful it has to be self sustaining. Let’s not kid ourselves what we are proposing isn’t going to be easy. The current landscape is incredibly challenging as this article from The Atlantics Derek Thompson lays bare, but there are examples of new media platforms who are operating successfully, Read more about Developing a business case for a new Welsh Media Service[…]

What will a new media Service for Wales look like?

That’s the question we are planning on answering. It isn’t a simple a question, has Wales ever had a national news service head quartered here in Wales? Certainly not in my lifetime. The current media landscape According to OFCOM’s “News Consumption in the UK 2018” survey. TV is the most-used platform for news (79%), followed Read more about What will a new media Service for Wales look like?[…]

More details about the New Welsh Media project

Today an independent Basque language media platform carried an interview relating to the project, the article can be found here, below are the original questions and answers, which provides some more detail about the project. Remember you can donate to the project here. 1. You talk about “media service”, but what kind of media Read more about More details about the New Welsh Media project[…]

A new independent Welsh media service

What should a new independent media service for Wales look like? Different people have different views and opinions of what media services should offer and have markedly different ways of interacting with Media in 2018, these will continue to evolve through 2019 and beyond. Ask yourself how you keep yourself informed with regards matters that Read more about A new independent Welsh media service[…]