What will a new media Service for Wales look like?

That’s the question we are planning on answering. It isn’t a simple a question, has Wales ever had a national news service head quartered here in Wales? Certainly not in my lifetime.

The current media landscape According to OFCOM’s “News Consumption in the UK 2018” survey.

TV is the most-used platform for news (79%), followed by the internet (64%), radio (44%) and newspapers (40%). However, for those aged 16-24 the internet is the most-used platform. Eight in ten (82%) of those aged 16-24 use the internet for news nowadays, compared to just six in ten (57%) that use TV.

By TV the majority cite BBC 1, one of the things we’ll be looking at is how effective Welsh TV news fares besides national TV news. What is the reach and impact of BBC Wales, ITV Wales and S4C’s TV news output that have specific Wales agendas.

Print is still an important factor in Wales but we know audiences are falling as more switch to digital for news and information, the graphic below shows how younger audiences are moving away from print and TV to digital platforms. Is there still room for print? It’s definitely a challenging marketplace but one we’ll be most certainly looking at.

TV certainly remains a dominant force, as the statistics above confirm, it’s an area that’s becoming more accessible especially as the TV in the living room becomes a portal to content from dfiffering sources, news and current affairs are an important part of any future offering, but a true media service should aim higher, can we be a catalyst for the creation of independent lifestyle and documentaries? Another question that needs answering.

Digital is clearly the priority, it’s where both growth and audiences now access content, news, information, the challenge in the digital space is making sufficient revenue to sustain a workforce. This is clearly a priority area, it is also an area that has huge commercial potential, cracking the “how to make money from online challenge” is one we aim to take one, and it’s a challenge that could have far wider benefits beyond our own plans.

The shifting sands of social media have to be managed, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have their parts to play. What is apparently clear any new service has to serve different audiences across different platforms, but what is most important is that it bases it’s view of the world from a Welsh perspective.

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