6 days to go

3 weeks ago today on Sunday the 16th of December we launched our crowdfunding page, the aim was to raise £2,000 in 28 days in order to start the work on developing a business plan for a new independent media service for Wales, we reached our target in 4 days, we stretched that target to £4,000. Today the funding pledged stands at £4,351 with 7 days left.

The initial plan for the funding was to enable the research and creation of a business plan, the extended funding is enabling more detailed research and the buying in of sector specific reports as well as allowing for the organisation of a conference in March which will discuss and challenge the findings and proposed business plans and models. I’m pleased to confirm that some very influential individuals from a Welsh media perspective have already agreed to contribute.

Many of the 149 who have supported so far have left comments and there is a clear message coming through that there is a desire and need for the development of a new independent media service for Wales, one that connects with different audiences via different mediums. One that is non-partisan and politically neutral, a service based on fact checking and verification, making the sometimes complex understandable, encouraging the people of Wales to engage with news, politics, lifestyle and sport from a fresh perspective, and most importantly always through a Welsh prism.

We were aware before starting the project that there were independent media outlets operating in Wales, what we didn’t realise was the number and the quality, but it’s clearly fragmented. The response from many of these outlets to our plans has been hugely encouraging, and the diary is already filling up with meetings to discuss collaboration. If you’re running a news, sport, entertainment site in Wales and want to meet to discuss our plans and how we could potentially cooperate please get in touch mail@newmedia.wales

For any new venture to succeed it will have to be collaborative, by working together we can create scale and develop a service with commercial potential.

We look forward to updating you on progress on at least a weekly basis. If you want to be part of this potentially exciting new venture visit our crowdfunding page here.


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