3 days to go!!!!

As we enter the final three days of our crowd funding campaign, we would like to take the opportunity to thank the 164 individuals who have got behind the idea of setting up a new independent media service for Wales.

Our original target of £2,000 was to enable the research and preparation of a business plan for a potential new media service for Wales, a media service whose aims are to inform, investigate and entertain through a Welsh lens. We achieved this in an astonishing 4 days. We stretched the target to £4,000, this would allow furthermore in-depth research and facilitate the organisation of a conference towards the end of March/beginning of April. Again, that target was reached with 11 days of the crowd funding campaign remaining. A final stretch target of £6,000 was set, this additional funding will facilitate a short pilot where content can be created and shared with audiences in Wales, content produced and made available in relevant formats. Allowing current and future investors to see the projects outputs in action.

Another key component of developing a business plan is looking at the structure of the business, by supporting the initial funding phase backers are buying a stake in any future company that emerges from the work being carried out, so we are in talks with people who have experience of developing such ventures and looking at their company structures.

It’s clear from the responses and the interest shown in the project so far that there’s an appetite to develop a Welsh focussed media service, there is a need to help people in Wales to become better informed about the issues that impact their lives on a daily basis as well as support community building and sharing news about Welsh businesses and leisure opportunities.

If you haven’t already invested you can do so here. If you’re not in a position to support us financially helping to spread the word about our activities and helping us grow our following digitally is gratefully accepted we’re on Twitter as @NewMediaWales and on Facebook as well.

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