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A week ago we updated you with our plans to launch a 9 month pilot from September 2020, Harold Wilson once said “a week is a long time in politics”, well a week is certainly a long time in the Welsh news service development world.

The current pandemic has made the case for developing a new independent news and media platform for Wales increasingly valid, misunderstandings around devolution and variances in law either side of the border has led to increased confusion.

Due to this pressing need we have looked at the possibility of bringing forward our plans and launching sooner than the original September plan. Launching earlier will mean we will be able to offer the people of Wales a new voice as they seek clarity and understanding during these vastly different times. We will also be able to help in the efforts to restart and rebuild Wales as the country recovers from Covid-19.

We will not be launching a print version until there is a return to normality, but we can launch a digital service distributing content online and across social media. The print element will be launched once some semblance of normality has returned and the Welsh public are able to purchase newspapers safely.

Your support will be vital which is why we have launched a patreon page where you will be able to support the initial funding of a content editor and four journalists.

We hope to be in a position, very soon, of revealing who our media partners are, you will then see the level of scale and ambition we have for this new independent and national news service.

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