What kind of service can you expect?

We are developing a fully functioning news and media business to serve the whole of Wales, one that delivers the level of service you would expect from a national platform.

We passionately believe that print still has a future and our research suggests many of you do to. Having a weekly print edition will help us reach an audience who do not currently access their news digitally and introduce print to a new generation by offering relevant content, presented intelligently and honestly.

Our output will be produced through a Welsh lens, raising awareness around the functions of our institutions, and importantly holding them to account, asking the sometimes-difficult questions that the residents of Wales expect answers to.

We will be politically neutral, we have to be, our aim will be to deliver scrutiny and clarity around the policies being proposed by the various political parties in Wales in the run up to the Welsh general election being contested in May 2021. The program of government the new Welsh government will be promising to deliver between May 2021 and 2026 will be at the forefront of our attentions and activities. We are currently recruiting an editorial board, with representation from across Wales, politically and culturally, that will monitor our output and ensure neutrality.

We will not just be about politics, this will be a NATIONAL news service, bringing you news from communities across the whole of Wales. We will have a physical presence in all four corners of Wales. We want to break down the north/south divide, people from the post-industrial north east have much in common with those in the southern valleys, our rural communities in every part of Wales have a great deal in common. How do the Senedd and the numerous institutions based in our capital city impact on the lives of people in Amlwch, Treorchy, Llanrwst, Rhosllannerchrugog, Milford Haven, Caersws and Chepstow? We will look at the facts and base our reporting on those facts.

We will cover business, culture and of course sport.

A new normal

Wales post Covid-19 will be a different place, the world will be a different place, which is why our service will be different. We will share our content across several platforms, print, web and social media. Each platform will require content delivered in different styles, our audience will expect content in different formats, we will make the best use of digital technology, bringing you news in a range of video formats, interviews and discussions will form a regular part of our output. We will develop podcasts and organise events that you’ll be able to attend in person (when conditions allow) or virtually.

We are hugely ambitious and all the above can only be delivered with your support, be that by subscribing to our services or buying a paper when it becomes available.

Our technical infrastructure is already in place, we need the financial security to employ the four journalists we need to launch a fully functioning news service.

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Diolch/Thank you

Huw Marshall

Project lead

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