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Why do we need an independent national news and media service? It is normal for any country to have its own independent media, Wales is almost unique within Europe in not having its own national newspaper. Iceland a country with a population of 364,143 has two daily national newspapers, one weekly and another bi-weekly newspaper.

The news we are fed and consume on a national level in Wales comes from another country, literally. The Covid-19 has, for the first time in many instances, raised awareness around devolution and the fact that Wales can and does do things differently to its neighbour to the east of Offa’s Dyke. A strong independent media is the lifeblood of democracy and we hope our emergence can be a catalyst for change and encourage more independent ventures here in Wales. We want to work collaboratively to achieve the best service possible.

One of the main catalysts for our desire to create a new independent national news service was to raise awareness around the functions of government in Wales at both a national and local level.

We want to start a NATIONAL conversation, looking at the issues that matter most to the residents of Wales. What kind of Wales do we want to see post Covid-19? What are the big ideas and initiatives than can improve the day to day lives of those who call Wales their home?

What exactly goes on at the Senedd? How do the decisions made there impact on our lives here in Wales? What is a Welsh Government able to currently achieve? Does it need increased powers? What would the roadmap to independence look like?

We want to take an objective view, make cases for change based on research and fact. Too much of what is presented as news today is in fact opinion. We don’t want to tell you what to think, we want to show you what is happening in Wales today.

We want to be your voice, challenging our legislators and those responsible for our health, education, culture, economy and transport in Wales and making sense of what may appear to be the complicated matter of devolution.

In order to achieve this we need your support, without ongoing support through newspaper sales and subscriptions we simply cannot deliver the level of service Wales needs and you deserve.

If you want to help make this a reality, become a supporter today.

Together we can make a better Wales. You can become a supporter by visiting here.

Diolch/Thank you

Huw Marshall

Project lead

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