But what if?

We appreciate that you’re currently being asked to support something that is dependent on us reaching a specific level of funding in order to get us to launch.

You’re also being asked to back something where our main media partners cannot, for commercial reasons, be revealed. What I can say is that they are global media company who currently have interests in the UK, including Scotland but more importantly Wales.

If we fail to raise sufficient funding to launch a fully functioning, fully staffed, national news service we won’t launch. If this is to work it has to launch at the level of scale required.

So what about the money you’ve pledged? Simple answer is you’ll get it ALL back. We’ll return the money you’ve pledged so far via our Patreon page.

The work currently being undertaken is being done thanks to the initial funding we received at the beginning of 2019 and in kind by our media partners who are currently investing a lot of time and resource in order to turn this in to a reality.

All funds currently pledged are being held by Patreon, we will not access these funds until we are in a position to launch. If we don’t succeed to raise the funds required, the money will be returned via Patreon.

After launch we will transfer our subscriptions to the system currently in use by our media partners, a bespoke media subscription system designed for print and digital and one that has the capacity to handle the level of subscriptions we hope to attract.

It will also have the huge benefit of incurring zero platform fees and handling costs that are currently accrued via a third party commercial company like the one we are using.

You’ll also be able to choose Wales as your country of residence in any drop down menus as you would expect.


Huw Marshall

Project coordinator

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