How close are we to launching?

Put simply, very. We have everything in place ready to go. We have the four experienced Welsh journalists required for launch standing by. We want to launch with a full service, we cannot come out of the blocks half cocked, we need to provide the level of service you expect from a fully functioning national news service, one that will rival the UK titles currently dominant in Wales.

We could be up and running in as few as four weeks, but that is reliant on us raising sufficient funding and support required to guarantee the employment of four journalists.

Launch funding is currently being sought from several different sources including subscription via our Patreon page. In the long term we will be reliant on a mix of subscription, paper sales, micro payments from non subscribers, advertising and sponsorship. And we know from our media partners previous experiences in launching new news services that we have the correct model and ethos required to make the service a long term commercial success.

We’ve set ourselves a realistic target of reaching 500 subscribers in order to get us to launch, this number, combined with other sources of revenue, should be enough to get us to launch

You can learn about the service we are aiming to provide by visiting our website.

If you’re not currently in a position to back us financially, an understandable position for many during the current Covid-19 pandemic, you can help by following us and sharing our messages on Facebook and Twitter.

We don’t want to tell people what to think, we want to help them make educated decisions.



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