New Normal, New News…

The phrase “New Normal” has come to the fore during the Covid-19 pandemic. It refers in part to the idea that some of the things we are currently experiencing, working from home, quieter roads, cleaner air should be the new norm. The new normal will also be a challenging economic landscape in Wales, one which was challenging enough prior to the pandemic. In the north where so many are reliant on the aerospace industry concerns will be felt regarding the future of Airbus. In the midlands and west where tourism plays such a big part of economic activity, continuing restrictions are causing real hardship. And in our metropolitan locations across Wales, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Wrecsam, Bridgend, Llandudno, and Colwyn Bay the retail sector faces a very uncertain future.

Wales will need to rebuild, Wales will have to do things differently, Wales will need a strong independent media to both support and scrutinise the new normal.

That is why we want to provide a service that does things differently. News not opinion, and when we publish opinion pieces they will be clearly signposted as such. News based on facts and research. It isn’t up to us to portray news stories from a specific viewpoint, we will report the facts allowing you, the audience, to come to your own conclusions.

We will start national discussions around the issues that matter to you, the Welsh economy, education, health, local government, and your communities. All of these will come under intense scrutiny in the run up to the Welsh general election which is being contested on the 6th of May 2021.

The people of Wales voted, in two referenda, in favour of the establishment of the Welsh assembly, now Senedd in 1997 and for it to be granted law making powers in 2011. The current pandemic has brought the real differences that devolution brings to the public’s attention, in some cases, for the first time. Are the current powers sufficient? What future powers would benefit the people of Wales? These are big questions that need discussing in an open and transparent manner.

How we deliver news will be different, Different audiences consume news in different ways via different mediums. We will distribute our news in print and digital. Our weekly newspaper will summarise the weeks events from a Welsh perspective, with a focus on stories rooted here in Wales, whilst looking forward to the week ahead and raising awareness around the issues likely to be of importance. Online our website will not be a forest of adverts, yes advertising will be a key component of how we develop the business, but we will not allow those commercial goals to impair your experience when accessing our content. On social media we will not simply link to our website, we will create news content using video and graphics, allowing you to catch up on stories, and gain an understanding of current affairs quickly and easily.

We will not just be about news, we want to bring you the best of Welsh sport, culture, and the arts. We want to give Welsh businesses the platform they deserve to help them thrive whilst giving a platform to the voluntary sector, sharing their activities and projects.

If this sounds like the kind of service you would like to see in Wales, please consider supporting us.  We need to sign up 500 supporters before we can launch.

You can sign up to register your support here


Huw Marshall

Project Coordinator

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