Reopening Wales – A Post Covid Support Network

As Wales begins its efforts to reopen and rebuild during the continuing pandemic, communicating public health messages with the public of Wales will be vital. We have seen the confusion a dominant UK press has caused in Wales with news stands full of front pages relaying messages that apply to England only. Some Welsh news platforms have shared syndicated news items that relate to England only measures.

The need to challenge the dominance of titles sold across Wales that present news from an increasingly English perspective, at odds with devolution in Wales, was one of the prime drivers behind our plan to develop the very first national print and digital news service for Wales.

We want to play our part as Wales reopens and rebuilds. We will be able to relay the relevant news and information in relation to Covid rules in real time, but we have the potential to offer so much more.

We will shine the light on businesses small, medium, and large, wherever they are in Wales, who will need support, exposure and more than anything our custom.

The arts and culture sectors will receive our attentions, helping to give a platform to performers and companies, sharing a diary of events, building audiences once more. We’ll bring you the sports stories from across Wales, football, rugby, hockey, golf, you name it we want to cover it, from the junior and amateur ranks through to the elite professional games in both men’s and women’s sport.

Rural Wales plays such a big part in our country’s day to day life, nowhere in Wales is more than a twenty-minute drive from open countryside and our farming communities. We will help connect you with your local suppliers, doing our bit to support the Welsh food and drink industry.

Tourism in Wales employs 10% of our workforce and constitutes 6% of the Welsh economy. The ability and availability of holidays further afield will remain limited for some time, how can we, as a national platform, help you find breaks in Wales and help the tourism industry to open their doors to you?

We have so much to offer Wales, but we can only do it with your good will and support. We need at least 500 supporters before we can launch. Every penny you pledge will go towards the costs of employing the four full time journalists we need to deliver the service you expect from a national platform. You can join us by visiting here.


Huw Marshall

Project coordinator

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