What will we be offering?

As we gear up for launch, we’d like to let you know what we’re planning, how we’ll be delivering it and what it will cost.

Our business model is based on subscription which means when you access our content you won’t have to wade through adverts galore. The more subscribers we have, the more we can invest in quality Welsh journalism, bringing you news and a focus on politics, business, the arts, culture and education

We’ll be starting with two levels of subscription.

For £6.99 a month you’ll have:

  • unlimited access to the website including premium content
  • daily news bulletin via email
  • you’ll be able to join our National conversation
  • access to our news App on mobile or tablet on iOS and Android

For £8.99 a month you’ll get all the above plus:

  • 80% faster loading time
  • access to the digital page turning version of the weekly paper
  • access to monthly online events

We’ll be expanding our current supporters’ scheme, currently hosted by patreon, to offer exclusive invites to events, discussions and talks, online and in person, which will be hosted in locations across Wales.

This will be a truly National service.

Click on the Patreon link below to register your support and help us launch.


Huw Marshall

Project coordinator

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