News in Wales under threat

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on the news industry in Wales. A temporary shut down of the Welsh economy has seen revenues from advertising and casual newspaper sales evaporate. Both of Wales’ biggest publishers Reach and Newsquest have announced job losses as they fight to keep, in some instances loss making, businesses afloat.

Mark Drakeford tweeting his concerns on Wednesday the 8th of July

A democracy needs a strong media

As the First Minister made clear in his message today, “A democracy needs a strong media”. Under the current circumstances the need for a strong media, one with its roots here in Wales has never been greater.

In order for Wales to recover from what has been, for many, a heart breaking period in our countries history a strong independent and national media will be vital.

As we have developed our business plan over the past 18 months we know that the realities of the current business models, based primarily on print sales, advertising revenue in print and programmatic ads online, which has led to an increase in clickbait and listicles, simply are’t sustainable in the long term.

We have discussed in detail with news organisations in the UK and on mainland Europe who have developed successful businesses based on subscription and from supporters who see the value in having a strong independent national media.

How are they doing it?

They’re producing high quality and accessible news

They’re creating and sustaining crucial jobs in journalism

They’re holding governments and legislators to account

This our intention

This is exactly our aim, and we can achieve this with your support. Check out the rest of our website for information on how we’ll operate and if you like what you see and share our aims please consider signing up as a supporter. As well as helping to create and sustain Wales’ first national print and digital news service you’ll get access to exclusive events, talks and discussions throughout the year.

What do we need?

Realistically we need to reach 500 supporters in order to guarantee the wages of the four journalist who will be employed at launch. As we build support and subscribers we will be able to invest more in to the recruitment of journalists across Wales, safeguarding existing jobs and creating more opportunities.

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Huw Marshall

Project coordinator

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