The last leg

The past few months has seen us move from an idea on paper to be in a position to launch a new weekly newspaper for Wales with a website and social media channels that will publish content daily.

We are now in the final stages of discussion with our media partners with regards the service we will be delivering, which areas do we prioritise for launch and how we plan to grow the title.

We have an experienced editor in place and a team of four journalists ready to go to work.

Delivering a high-quality service from the off is key, therefore we need to gain an understanding of what you the audience expect.

News coverage from a welsh perspective is a given.

Political news will be a vital part of our output which is why we will have a dedicated individual based in the senedd. We have a general election in Wales in under ten months’ time. Examining, challenging, and explaining each parties vision for Wales post May 2021 will form a key pillar of our output.

Business and the economy. As Wales rebuilds during the ongoing pandemic, we want to support Welsh businesses and start a national discussion around Wales’ economic future.

Culture and the Arts. Another sector vital to the recovery of Wales, culture and the arts help to define us as a nation and has a huge role to play in our collective wellbeing.

The environment and agriculture are intricately entwined in Wales, the future of our planet literally depends on solving climate issues. Our younger audience place the environment highly on their list of priorities and as 16 to 18 year olds will get to vote at a Welsh general election in May 2021 we want to make sure they get to cast that historic vote armed with required facts and knowledge.  

By starting our service covering the above to a standard you will expect from us will allow us to build and develop our team and output. We will have a freelance budget which will allow us to commission specific pieces of work and create content around lifestyle and sport.

The website is designed, the subscription system is being put together. What we need now is your support. Without subscribers we are destined to fail.

If you value what we are creating you can become a supporter by visiting our patreon page below where you can sign up for as little as £3 a month.


Huw Marshall

Project coordinator

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