September update

At the outset of this project we wanted to investigate, develop, and interrogate a plan for the development of a national digital news service.

A website, social media channels to direct the audience to our website, funded in the main by contributions from people who see the value and importance of Wales having an editorially independent news service based in Wales delivering its output from Wales through Welsh eyes.

Our vision has evolved from the early concept and the pandemic has changed some of our thinking and led us, through necessity, to be more ambitious in our outlook and plans.

Our presentations to potential investors have been very positively received and we have been asked to come back with an enhanced plan involving a more focussed service with increased staffing. We are now close to concluding that plan.

If successful we will have a service and brand Wales can be proud of. A new service delivering news and information in a way fit for our times.

The four pillars

At launch we want to focus on 4 key areas, based on our research and your feedback, we believe will deliver the kind of service Wales needs, and you the audience will value.

Politics and Current Affairs

The cornerstone of our service will be our political coverage, helping keep the Welsh public informed with what is happening in Wales across all areas of Government, from local to a national level, and how decisions taken by legislators impact on their, and your, daily lives and futures. Not forgetting Wales place within the current UK political scene and the future state of relations between the devolved government in Wales and those who hold power in Westminster.

We will present the latest news and current affairs that affect your daily lives in an accessible manner, on whichever platform you favour. Be it in print or on your laptop or smartphone.

We will make the best use of digital technology, video, and audio, to bring you interviews, debates and discussions. Content that will lead the news agenda and give you the audience an opportunity to put your questions and views to those in power and those who hope to influence the future direction of Wales.

Business and Economy

As Wales continues to adapt to a world with coronavirus it is vital that the Welsh business sector receives the support and platform required to promote its endeavours, particularly the SME community on which so many Welsh jobs rely. But what of the economic future of Wales? We want to start National discussions around the kind of economy Wales requires so our communities can flourish. Universal Basic Income, 4 day weeks, a different corporate tax model? All topics that deserve discussion. What are Wales economic USP’s? How do we harness these? We will create the space and framework to facilitate these national discussions, online and in physical events across Wales from Benllech to Baglan.

The Environment and Rural affairs.

How we manage the environment in Wales and globally is an issue that affects us all, young and old, in Wales the environment and our rural economies are intertwined. We will be platform for discussing the environment in Wales, a place where the farming community can share their stories and keep abreast of the latest policy that relates to farming. How can we ensure young people can make a living and afford to live in the communities they grew up in. Bridging politics, economics and rural affairs will be a subject we aim to place front and centre.

Arts and culture

Arts and culture are more than an industry in Wales, to some it defines us to others it unites us. Arts and culture stories do not generate the required amount of clickthrough’s rival platforms require. Being subscription based we will be following a different route, bringing you news, reviews, discussions and debates about the arts and culture landscape in Wales, in both Welsh and English.

Other areas of interest, including, Lifestyle and Sports

As the service develops, we will be commissioning journalists to provide lifestyle content and we will be developing new partnerships with talented writers and content producers who cover grass roots and national sport in Wales.

The beginning of a journey

Our launch will be the beginning of, what we hope will be, an exciting journey for journalism in Wales. Providing Wales with the national voice that unites our country and treats its citizens as equals.

We will be more than a news service, we are developing a media platform for Wales, one that collaborates, educates, and informs. One that is not shy of leading the discussion in Wales, challenging those in power and holding them to account at a local and national level.

Now is the time

An independent national media is the lifeblood of any democracy and with a general election less than eight months away we are ready to provide the oxygen required.

We will know for certain within the next six weeks if our plans are to become a reality, every individual who signs up to support our project makes it more and more likely. All that is needed now is the knowledge that Wales wants this to happen.

An innovative national media service that can help the people of Wales become better informed and enable them to make educated decisions.

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Huw Marshall

Project coordinator

New Media Wales  

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