The journeys end – a new beginning

Just over two years ago we set about changing the media landscape of Wales. Listening to numerous conversations on social media there was a clear desire and need for a new Welsh news outlet that looked at the Welsh , UK, European and global news through Welsh eyes.

A news service that could genuinely compete with the Suns, the Daily Mails and the BBC, staffed with full time journalists with feet on the ground in all corners of our country.

Through an initial crowdfunder we were able to look in detail at the current landscape and investigate what was involved in setting up a new Welsh news and media company from scratch.

A number of different business models and plans emerged. Having discussed at length with Berria, a news start-up that operates and publishes the Basque countries Basque language news service. Serving around 1,000,000 of the Basque population they employ over 100 staff, with many of these employed in sales, design, accounts, the jobs that are required to ensure a fully functioning news business, it wasn’t just a matter of employing a few journalists, creating a website and hoping for the best.

It became clear that to match our ambitions we would need to partner with an existing media business. We have been in discussions with a global media company who have experience of setting up new news services all over the world, including the UK.

We have finally concluded those discussions and are now in the process of setting up the new title with the staffing required to launch a quality service.

The success of this new title will depend on two things, the quality of our output and your support as subscribers and supporters. Both go hand in hand.

As we grow our subscription and supporter base over the coming months, we will be in a position to employ more staff, covering a wider area of topics and delivering content in different formats, content that will lead the news agenda in Wales.

It has taken longer than we had hoped for, however considering we are in the midst of a global pandemic I hope you can understand the challenges we have faced.

We will, soon, be launching a new website using the titles new brand where we will countdown to the launch of the new service. You will be able to sign up as subscribers giving you full access to our output and as supporters where you will be given access to online and physical events, exclusive video and audio output.

In the meantime, please help us by signing up as a supporter on patreon by following the link below.

Diolch yn fawr/Thank you

Huw Marshall

Project co-ordinator

New Media Wales

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