Announcing our launch

We have now secured the investment required to employ the full-time team that can deliver Wales first NATIONAL newspaper along with a comprehensive digital service that will be breaking new ground in Wales.

What happens next?

We have started recruiting, if you’re interested in joining us you can apply here. We are building the website and integrating the secure subscription platform where you will be able to sign up. We promise to invest in the service, the more who subscribe, the more journalists we will employ.

We are building a service that can compete with the Daily Mails and the Suns, and eventually offer an alternative to the BBC.

The brand is being fine tuned and once this work is completed, we will be making the big reveal, hopefully within the next 10 days. We are working around the clock to ensure that we launch as soon as is physically possible.

What happens to New Media Wales?

Once the service launches a large part of our work will be done, we will then focus on developing exclusive supporter video and content along with a range of talks and events. This content will feed into the news service, allowing us to lead the news agenda in Wales, whilst giving our supporters additional benefits. This continued investment will see us recruiting digital content creators who will be able to go out into communities in Wales helping to lead a NATIONAL conversation. Your monthly contributions will be invested directly into service.

A lot of planning and a good deal of persuading has got us to this point. If we are successful, we will have a platform that will help inform, challenge and report honestly and factually. For Wales, from Wales. Success will depend on two things, the quality of our output and your continued support.

You can join our existing 250 supporters by clicking on the PATREON link below.


Huw Marshall

Project co-ordinator

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