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Wales is desperately underserved when it comes to discussing the day-to-day details of how Wales is governed, from The Senedd and Westminster.

We have very poor indigenous media representation in Wales, with a couple of genuine National news platforms beyond the BBC. When it comes to the BBC, Wales is a branch of a very British brand and differs very little from how an English region, like Yorkshire, is served.

There is little room to discuss the issues that affect the people of Wales from day to day and the long-term future of Wales.

Wales is different to England and Scotland politically, and the current Westminster Conservative government, a party Wales has never placed first at the ballot box, is threatening the hard-fought, but limited, powers Wales has over its own affairs.

Wales needs to have its voice heard and Talking Wales is here to allow a range of voices to be heard.

Talking Wales will be more than a radio station. It will be scheduled and feature live content, but its content will be available to listen to any time, anyplace, anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or smart speaker.

It will start small and expand as resources and revenues allow.

How quickly it expands is down to you. If you support the idea, sign up as a supporter.

As a supporter, you will be helping the growth of a new media platform for Wales, one that can help the people of Wales gain a better understanding of the Wales they live in and act as a catalyst for change.

You’ll also gain access to exclusive content once the service is up and running.

You can sign up here.


Huw Marshall

Project lead.

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