Building a team

Setting up a new venture is no mean feat. The responsibility for setting up The National Wales fell on the shoulders of one individual, project lead Huw Marshall, and looking back it was too much work for one. One of the main reasons to partner with an existing news provider was to provide the support required to launch a new title. I wouldn’t have been able to have achieved it by myself. As a result, mistakes were made, and the lack of external oversight and support meant decisions and messaging wasn’t checked and verified to the level required.

Launching Talking Wales is a much bigger ask and simply can’t be achieved by one individual. By setting up a Community Benefit Society that governance is built in, that’s why I’m seeking support in the shape of a founding board of directors.

The directors will help author our model rules and oversee the incorporation of Talking Wales as a Community Benefit society and support the share issues that will need to be launched in the coming weeks and months.

Have you got experience in governance? Of working within a cooperative? Are you passionate about improving the media landscape of Wales?

Please get in touch today for an introductory discussion.

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