September update

At the outset of this project we wanted to investigate, develop, and interrogate a plan for the development of a national digital news service. A website, social media channels to …

The last leg

The past few months has seen us move from an idea on paper to be in a position to launch a new weekly newspaper for Wales with a website and …

Two years in the making

We’re developing a quality news service that presents the news in an intelligent, relevant, and accessible manner. Our role is not to tell the Welsh public what to think, it is to help the Welsh public come to educated decisions.

The National Conversation

The past month has seen a lot happening in the world of Welsh news. The economic impact of Covid has the potential to decimate a previously fragile industry built on old economic models and failures to foresee and adapt to a rapidly changing digital world.

News in Wales under threat

As the First Minister made clear in his message today, “A democracy needs a strong media”. Under the current circumstances we need a strong media, one with its roots here in Wales.

Building a sustainable news business

Building a sustainable news business from scratch, at the scale Wales requires and the audience desires has required a lot of research, discussions with similar successful ventures and thorough business planning.

New Normal, New News…

The phrase “New Normal” has come to the fore during the Covid-19 pandemic. It refers in part to the idea that some of the things we are currently experiencing, working …