Newsquest Wales have made a substantial investment in order to launch and sustain a quality national news service. The National Wales is still in its infancy, and is reliant on subscribers and commercial partners to generate revenues.

Whilst we will be able to take advantage of the news content generated by The National and share some resources this new venture will run as an independent venture, funded independently.

We are fortunate that the technical kit required is pretty cheap in comparison to traditional network tv and radio and the platforms required for distributing content already exist and are in the main free.

People – that is what will drive this development. Being able to reward people for their time and effort will enable us to create the content Wales so desperatley needs.

Short documentaries, from across Wales, that lift the curtain on the issues that impact the people of Wales. Discussing the economy, poverty, health and education, independence and diversity.

Regular panel and discussion shows where our legislators can be challenged and held to account.

Interviews with people from all walks of life and all parts of Wales.

And, of course, opprtunities for you and our audience to ask the important questions of the day.

We’ll start small, and with your support grow.