Newsquest Wales are making the investment required to launch a quality national news service. The National Wales will shortly be launching our subscription offering. As the subscription numbers increase we will be in a position to reinvest in the service, employing more journalists, expanding our output, covering different areas of interest. Business and the economy, arts and culture, the environment and rural affairs and developing sports coverage.

Each subscriber will be investing in the service, developing a service that can compete with dominant services who, by and large, ignore Wales and it’s devolved parliament.

Developing “Exclusive Supporter Content”

We currently have 270 supporters who have enabled the development of the new service. When we launch we will be offering our supporters access to additional unique content. Our supporters will allow us to develop new and exciting video and audio content which will, eventually, lead to an alternative to the current news TV and Radio output that is broadcast into Wales from over Offas Dyke. Our supporters will also be invited to exclusive online and, when conditions allow, physical discussions and events in all four corners of Wales

The more who subscribe, support and invest in the service the better the service we can provide, put simply, more money equals more journalists.

Are you an individual who sees the benefit of developing a national news platform for Wales?  You can learn more about contributing here.