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Wales is remarkable within a European context in having no national newspaper and news service. We have numerous regional titles yet the three most read newspapers in Wales are English titles published in London, The Daily Mail, The Sun and The Metro. As the current Covid-19 pandemic has increasingly made clear the UK national print titles pay scant regard to devolution. When discussing health and education they are in fact discussing the health and education services of England.
In such circumstances is it a wonder why discussions around the future of Wales, its institutions and politics, at local, regional and national levels aren’t being discussed within our communities?

It doesn’t have to be this way. We aim to resolve this poor state of affairs by launching Wales first independent, national news service, in print, online and across all relevant social media channels, one that views everything through a Welsh lens.

We will be politically neutral with an independent editorial board made up of representatives from a broad range of Welsh society, civic and political. Our service will hold ALL political parties in Wales to account, we will provide you with local and national news, we will explain how our devolved government works and challenge the pros and cons of greater powers for the Senedd and open a frank discussion around independence.

We will be above all else for Wales, with content relevant wherever you live in Wales, from Amlwch to Chepstow, Pembroke to Prestatyn.

We will be at the forefront leading the news agenda in Wales, researching and challenging party manifesto pledges, explaining in simple language how the Senedd works and what it can currently deliver and achieve. We will look at ways that Wales can do things differently and create a platform to discuss ideas for a better more prosperous Wales.

Our original business plan was based on a September 2020 launch, however the current crisis has led us to accelerate our plans and launch sooner on a digital basis with the print element to follow once a sense of normality returns.

We are now in the process of raising the necessary funds required to hit the ground running. We will be employing a team of 4 journalists who can deliver the level of quality that you expect. We have to underwrite and guarantee their wages for the first 12 months of operation. You can play your part by becoming a supporter here. Not only will you be helping us launch sooner, you will have access to exclusive content and online events.


Huw Marshall
Project Lead

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