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Wales is remarkable within a European context in having no national newspaper and news service. We have numerous regional titles yet the three most read newspapers in Wales are English titles published in London, The Daily Mail, The Sun and The Metro. As the current Covid-19 pandemic has increasingly made clear the UK national print titles pay scant regard to devolution. When discussing health and education they are in fact discussing the health and education services of England.

In such circumstances is it a wonder why discussions around the future of Wales, its institutions and politics, at local, regional and national levels aren’t being discussed within our communities?

On Monday the 1st of March, in partnership with Newsquest Wales, we will launch The National, Wales’ first truly national news service, in print, online and across all relevant social media channels.

Our service will hold all political parties in wales to account, we will provide you with local and national news, we will respect the current devolution settlement, as voted for by the people of Wales. We will discuss and debate the pros and cons of greater powers for the Senedd and start a national conversation around independence.

We will be politically neutral with an independent editorial board made up of representatives from a broad range of Welsh society, civic and political. Our service will hold ALL political parties in Wales to account, we will provide you with local and national news, we will explain how our devolved government works and challenge the pros and cons of greater powers for the Senedd and open a frank discussion around independence.

We will be above all else for Wales, with content relevant wherever you live in Wales, from Amlwch to Chepstow, Pembroke to Prestatyn. And if you’re part of the Welsh diaspora the other side of Offas Dyke or one of the international Welsh family, we’ll be keeping you in touch with what’s happening in Wales.

Wales goes to the polls on Thursday the 6th of May 2021 in a crucial general election. We will be at the forefront leading the news agenda in Wales during the lead up to the day of voting, researching and challenging manifesto pledges, explaining in simple language how the Senedd works and what it can achieve. We will look at ways that Wales can do things differently and create a platform to discuss ideas for a better more prosperous Wales.

We will look at ways that Wales can do things differently and create a platform to discuss ideas for a better more prosperous Wales.

We have now secured the level of investment required, through Newsquest Wales, to hit the ground running. We will be employing new journalists and content editors who can deliver the level of quality that you expect, these individuals will work alongside the 50 currently working on Newsquest local titles in all four corners of Wales.

As our subscriber base increases, we will be investing in the service, employing more journalists and content editors. By becoming a subscriber you will be investing in the growth of quality journalism in Wales.

We are developing a new kind of news service, one that leads the news agenda and makes best use of video and audio.

So what about New Media Wales?

Securing a truly national news service, one that is politically neutral, one that delivers quality content, one that can lead a national conversation about the future of Wales was the goal when we set out. We have now achieved that. We will not have any editorial influence on the service, an editorial board made up of individuals that are representative of Wales in 2021 is being formed, this board will ensure the output is politically neutral and gives fair and adequate coverage across a range of agreed subjects.

New Media Wales will work in partnership with Newsquest Wales on The National in the production of regular audio and video content, supporting the services journalists to bring you the latest news from across Wales.

We will be developing National Sound & Vision, creating exclusive supporter content that will have the potential of leading the news agenda in Wales, giving you exclusive access to content, events and discussions. The first of these will be a live Q & A with The National Wales editorial team pre-launch.

Regular video interviews with people from all walks of Welsh life, including political leaders and policy makers. Video discussions and panel debates. Weekly podcasts. Content specifically designed for education, informing young people about how Wales works and how they can play a part in its future. Developing digital skills amongst young people.

Our long-term aims are highly ambitious, we want to create more choice in Wales, an alternative to Radios Wales and Cymru, LBC, TalkRadio, Radio 4 and 5live. Bringing news to the whole of Wales on smart phones and digital assistants every day of the year.

Your support has been key in getting us to this point, our supporters will be given access to exclusive content and events. You can continue to play your part by becoming a supporter here. Your support will see the development of a new national video and audio service.


Huw Marshall
New Media Wales

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